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Student Highlight: OK KO's it!

Today's highlight focuses on 5 year old Olivia, who after only a month of lessons is already composing her own song!

Reading and writing apply to music too!

Reading and writing apply to music too!

Yes, it's only one note, but it introduces left/right coordination, and introduces the grand staff as ONE UNIT with a middle point at middle C. This will be very helpful down the road when she starts reading more complex songs, not to mention building a love of making her own music! Let's have a big hand for Literacy! Yes!

"Olivia" by Olivia

When I was learning to play I always would ask "Why do I only have to play their notes? Why can't I play my notes?" I never really forgot that, and after all these years composing and improvising, I try to get my students to take ownership in their music right away, and give an outlet to their creativity from the very outset. Great job Olivia!

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Stay tuned for more student highlights, videos, and upcoming events. It's going to be a great summer!