ISAAC RAZ  |  Founder & President

Whole Music LLC is committed to a holistic approach to music instruction and other services with an emphasis on artistic integrity and sensitivity to the unique needs of each individual, based
on the principle that musical practice is essential for
the well being of the whole person.

Music lessons in your home.

Live music for any occasion.

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Why Whole Music?

If you believe that personal creativity is not only integral, but essential to your well being.

If you are serious about your art

If you know the value of quality

If you want to learn music like a language

If you want to learn immediately relevant skills to play like a pro

If you want to learn to improvise and make your own music

If you want to use new tools for making and producing music at your home or in a studio


Our unique approach balances three main elements of music learning into one seamless whole:

- Literacy and theory

-Physical and mental coordination

-Repertoire in all styles

All tailored to your individual goals, tastes, and skill level.


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