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We Jammin' My NYC Late Night Jam Oddesey

Hello everyone, after a brief hiatus I am back to share with you some thoughts and upcoming events.

Jamming with the heavyweights:

These last few months have been quite the roller coaster. I’ve been on my unofficial “internship”: seeking out and attending as many of NYC’s late night jazz jams as possible. I feel this is long overdue, but as one fellow student of the great Dr. Barry Harris once told me: “You came exactly when you were supposed to come”.

The effects of participating in this timeless New York Jazz tradition have been fundamentally transformative:

Artistically: it not only forces me to apply what I have learned, it informs my practice so I can better prepare mentally for any situation, honing my ability to engage in artistic “Russian roulette” and still come out on top.

Personally: I have found that my initial aversion to “sports mentality” in some of these competitive jams was misguided. In truth, if approached right, it can actually be a liberating opportunity for collaboration and artistic expression (most of the time.) There is also a sense of community:  all share a love of the music and all want to get better.

The net result has been an undeniable catapult to the “next level”. 

I now practice with a renewed sense of purpose, both on general concepts, and specific applications. I find I can interact with all people in all areas of my life more effectively as a result of the interpersonal skills I’m learning at the jams. I have found renewed inspiration and confidence as an artist and a teacher, and profound gratitude for the gift that New York offers in terms of the level and scope of musicianship and artistry. It is truly a unique place in the entire world, and I feel fortunate to participate in such a vibrant scene.

I recommend this to everyone who plays at any level.  Regularly attending jams, open mics, etc. not only will improve your skills, it will give you an unmatched outlet to explore deep personal spiritual and emotional spaces within yourself.  I truly believe the more people do it, the better the world is for it.

Upcoming events:

We are thrilled to announce our first ever Whole Music LLC Recital!June 13th 2015 at 5 pm at the American Legion post at the intersection of routes 117 and 133 in Mount Kisco. I will give a brief opening concert, followed by a great mix of classical and popular selections by my students of all ages, followed by – snacks! ($10 charge per person.) It will be a warm, festive atmosphere celebrating the Whole Music community, and the joy of performance. Please come!

We are also working on early childhood music classes, and a series of talks about music, society, history, and a myriad of topics. Stay tuned!

Keep playing, and hope to see you all very soon,