ISAAC RAZ  |  Founder & President

Whole Music LLC is committed to a holistic approach to music instruction and other services with an emphasis on artistic integrity and sensitivity to the unique needs of each individual, based
on the principle that musical practice is essential for
the well being of the whole person.

Music lessons in your home.

Live music for any occasion.

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Semester: 17 Sessions of 60-Minute,
Private In-Home Lessons
($129.41 per lesson)

Yearly: 34 Sessions of 60-Minute,
Private In-Home Lessons
($123.52 per lesson)

Semester: 17 Sessions of 40 Minute,
Private In-Home Lessons
($100 per lesson)

Yearly: 34 Sessions of 40-Minute,
Private In-House Lessons
($94.12 per lesson)

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"Pay as you go" lessons: 60 minutes: $155.00  |  40 minutes: $120.00.
Credit card monthly payment plans are available ($25.00 processing fee applied).


By buying one of our packages you agree to our operating policy.

Operating Policy

Lessons are offered on an ongoing, weekly basis, on the same day and time subject to mutual availability. Final time slot assignment is determined by WMLLC. Any changes to regular lesson times made on a per case basis, and depending on mutual availability. There is a limit of one cancellation per semester, two per year, which must be made at least 24 hours in advance, and will be rescheduled at WMLLC’s discretion based on mutual availability. If rescheduling cannot be made after a reasonable number of attempts, the lesson will be forfeited.  All lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice are forfeited (with consideration given to emergency cancellations due to illness, etc.). Makeup dates will be provided for all cancellations made by WMLLC. If you need to suspend or otherwise defer lessons during the course of a term (due to travel or other extended absence), the remaining lessons will be held for a period of up three months following the date of the first deferred lesson. Lesson term will renew automatically unless notice for non-renewal is made in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the final session of the then current term. All fees are due at the time of the first session of each term. If after the first lesson of the first term you decide to discontinue lessons, you will receive a refund for the remaining lessons, less a $100.00 cancellation fee. There will be no refunds following the second lesson of the first term onward.

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